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The inBetweeners are an NFT collection of 10,777 bears that live on the Ethereum blockchain‍. Every bear is unique and was generated from over 150+ attributes designed by GianPiero D'Alessandro In December 2021, inBetweeners was launched
in a small office in Naples, Italy.

Our Mission

inBetweeners is onboarding the next 100 million consumers into web3
by merging pop-culture’s hottest brands, creators, and
experiences with blockchain technology.
We’re redefining the narrative of NFTs
and making them mainstream.
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  • “In a short amount of time, InBetweeners has managed to become one of the most successful Italian NFT projects in the world, attracting over 5,000 investors for its bear tokens.”

    Forbes Italy March 27th, 2024
  • “The inBetweeners project falls somewhere in the middle of this Web3-born phenomenon. It combines the digital art of
    artist GianPiero, who designed Justin Bieber's iconic Drewhouse clothing line, and serves as a key to real-life hype events like a VIP party at the Coachella music festival.”

    Savannah Fortis Nov 7th, 2022
  • “The housing market, inflation - I am a millennial after all - it feels like
    there's a million and one reasons why this dream of mine is never gonna happen. But when I was talking to Gabby, I found
    myself genuinely thinking - should I be getting into NFTs?”

    NPR Reply All April 7th, 2022