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Roadmap 3.0

Q1 2022: Launch token gated tools for holders, create voting framework for community wallet proposals, and marketing
Q2: 2022: Hire core team and build the foundation for a strong community and global brand
Q3 2022: IRL and Metaverse events, Web3 commerce initiatives, and collaborations
Q4 2022: International Art Tour

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What are inBetweeners?

InBetweeners are 10,777 unique collectables hand-drawn by GianPiero stored on the Ethereum blockchain

How can I mint an inBetweeners?

You'll need Ethereum (ETH) to mint an inBetweener. ETH can be purchased on any crypto exchange. Once you own ETH, download a Metamask wallet, transfer your ETH to the wallet, and you'll be ready to mint

How are inBetweeners created?

Each inBetweener is a randomized combination of over 175+ hand drawn attributes of varying rarity

Do inBetweeners hold any utility?

Owning an inBetweener will give you access to our holder-only Discord channels, governance in the Community Wallet, invites to IRL events (Field Trips), as well as the underlying IP and copyright for each inBetweener

What is the Community Wallet?

The Community Wallet is funded by 50% of secondary transactions fee's of inBetweeners. On a monthly basis, holders will be able to suggest and vote on community based projects brought forth by you and us

How many inBetweeners can I mint?

During the pre-sale: 5 per wallet
During the public-sale: 10 per transaction

What is the cost to mint?

Each inBetweener will cost 0.45 ETH + Gas

When is the mint date?

Pre-Sale (Whitelist) begins on Wednesday Dec 15th @ 10:30am PST
Public Pre-Sale #2 : Monday Dec. 20 @ 10:30am PST
Public-Sale (Mint) : Wednesday Dec. 22nd @ 10:30am PST

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